Regional Pool Program

The Regional Pool Program was adopted in 2005 to provide Northern Colorado water users with another method to acquire Colorado-Big Thompson Project water on a seasonal lease basis.

RPP water becomes available when allottees do not use all of their C-BT quota water in a given year, and when an allottee’s surplus exceeds his/her carryover capacity.

No Regional Pool Allocations in 2014
Regional Pool Program water will not be available in 2014.

Based on the Regional Pool Program Rule, Northern Water’s Board of Directors may allocate water from the Regional Pool only when C-BT Project storage reserves exceed 200,000 acre feet on November 15 of the same water year. Reserves on November 15, 2013 fell about 20,000 acre feet short of this amount.

This policy is intended to help maintain minimum supplies in C-BT Project storage for future years. This is the first year reserves have not been high enough for pool allocations since the program’s first allocations in 2010.

In the years when water is available, the board can allocate RPP water during its regular January through September meetings. Agricultural, municipal and industrial water users within Northern Water boundaries are eligible to lease RPP water, even if they are not C-BT allottees, when they have a beneficial use for the water.

See the RPP Fact Sheet for more details.

Bidding Process
Interested water users who wish to submit a bid must complete the Regional Pool Program Pre-Approval Form either before bidding or with their bids, which are submitted using the Regional Pool Program Bid Form.
Bidders must specify the amount of water they would like to lease, provide a price per acre foot and submit bids by the stated deadline.

If the RPP water will be delivered through a carrier, such as a ditch or reservoir company, bidders must complete the Regional Pool Program Carrier Consent Form or provide a signed agreement stating that the carrier will deliver the RPP water to the bidder.

Northern Water staff open all bids in a public forum on the due date. Bid amounts and prices are open to the public, but the name of each bidder is kept confidential. Northern Water awards RPP water to bidders with the highest lease prices per acre foot.

For more information and frequently asked questions, see the RPP Bidding Fact Sheet and the Regional Pool Program Procedure.

Latest News  To get updates on the Regional Pool Program e-mailed directly to you or your organization, register for a Northern Water Online Account or update your current account. Select the Regional Pool option under “E-mail notification Options.”

Regional Pool Program water will not be available in 2014.

When bids have been opened and awarded, Northern Water makes all bid amounts available. See the opening bids from 2010 (the first year of RPP allocations) through 2012 on the Bidders' Table. For a brief summary of RPP actions taken since the board adopted the RPP Rule in 2005, see the Regional Pool Program Timeline on page 2 of the RPP Fact Sheet. 

irrigating a Northeastern Colorado corn field
Irrigating a Northeastern Colorado corn field

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