C-BT Project Rental Water

Northern Water provides Colorado-Big Thompson Project rental water information to its constituents who want to rent C-BT Project water or have C-BT Project water available to rent. Contact information is listed below.

Posting Rental Water Information

To post rental water information on this page, please call Northern Water Dispatch at 800-845-3794.
You can also post your rental water information on this page by using our online registration process.

Entities or Individuals Seeking Rental Water

Contact(s) Phone Number(s) E-mail Acre Feet Price in Wet Acre Feet
(970) 214-2656
mgsugarland@gmail.com 5.0 Negotiable
Mark Anderson
(970) 227-1791
ma454@icloud.com 25.0 negotiable
Floyd Adler
Doug Adler
(303) 472-4710
(303) 472-4910
adlerdou@yahoo.com 200.0 negotiable
John Main
(970) 214-3346
(970) 214-3346
jmmain1@gmail.com 25.0 Negotiable
NoCo Water Services
(970) 420-7262
NoCoWaterServices@gmail.com 700.0 negotiable
Debra Douthit
(305) 588-6414
deb@debgab.com 20.0 Negotiable
Mark Drouhard
(970) 381-6307
mark@landpros.net 100.0 Negotiable
Frank AG
(970) 587-5125
(970) 539-1013
frankbrothers@gmail.com 500.0 Negotiable
Seewald Farms
(303) 775-0998
(970) 535-0586
seewaldfarms@peoplepc.com 500.0 Negotiable
Frank Brothers
(970) 587-5125
(970) 539-1771
frankbrothers@gmail.com 2000.0 Negotiable

Entities or Individuals With Water Available to Rent

There are no rentals available

Carryover Capacity Transfer Program

Wanting to Rent Water

There are no rentals available

Willing to Rent Water

There are no rentals available