Water-Saving Lawns & Gardens

More than half the water used each year by Colorado homeowners is applied to lawns and gardens. Save water in your landscape with these tips. Click a page title to learn more.

Using Less Water: Repair leaks, measure water use and apply only what lawns and plants need. 

Selecting a Lawn: Determine how a lawn will be used, match turf type to climate and consider alternative grasses and ground cover plants. 

Selecting Plants: Group plants by water and location requirements and select water-saving plants. 

Maintaining a Lawn: Irrigate efficiently, use correct lawn-mowing height and fertilize and aerate properly. 

Maintaining Plants: Control pests and weeds, prune plants and mulch beds.


Conservation Gardens at Northern Water
At the Conservation Gardens at Northern Water, you can learn about the home and garden water conservation techniques explained in this section. The gardens contain more than 700 plants and 60 turf grasses that thrive in Colorado’s semiarid climate.