NISP Overview

The Northern Integrated Supply Project is a proposed water storage and distribution project that will supply 15 Northern Front Range water partners with 40,000 acre feet of new, reliable water supplies.

The project consists of:

  • Two reservoirs (Glade and Galeton)
  • A forebay reservoir
  • Two pump plants
  • Pipelines to deliver water for exchange with two irrigation companies
  • Improvements to an existing canal to divert water off the Poudre River near the canyon mouth

At 170,000 acre feet, Glade Reservoir is slightly larger than neighboring Horsetooth Reservoir. Construction of Glade Reservoir will require the relocation of seven miles of U.S. Highway 287 northwest of Fort Collins and will provide a recreational amenity to Northern Colorado.

NISP will store excess water currently leaving the state in years of abundance. Through an exchange with two local ditch companies, the project will provide some water in all years.

NISP - How it Works
Video animation shows how the Northern Intergrated Supply
Project would work.

It's Time to Explore Every Option
While the people of communities participating in NISP consume significantly fewer gallons per day than residents of Denver, they also understand the need for water storage.

 NISP Communities’ Water Conservation Efforts Brochure
NISP General Fact Sheet
A one-page summary of NISP, including photos, a map and a list of NISP participants. Learn more»
Water, Jobs and the Economy
The availability of water and the economic health of a community are intrinsically, inextricably linked. Having an adequate water supply is critical to attracting and retaining jobs. Learn more»
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 Proposed Glade Reservoir map NISP - Printable PDF Map
Printable PDF map shows NISP: two preferred alternative reservoirs, proposed U.S. 287 highway realignment and pipelines for ditch company water exchanges.  
Click map to view it. 

Project Status 
The Army Corps of Engineers is the lead federal agency for the Northern Integrated Supply Project's compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act. The NEPA process is intended to help public officials make decisions based on understanding of environmental consequences, and take actions that protect, restore, and enhance the environment. The Corps is using the Environmental Impact Statement process to make a final permit decision on NISP.
The Corps began the Environmental Impact Statement process in August 2004 and issued a draft for public comment in April 2008. In February 2009, the Corps announced they would move forward with a supplemental DEIS to include additional studies primarily centered around hydrologic and flow modeling. 

 According to the Corps, the supplemental DEIS is scheduled to be completed and released in June 2015 for public comment. A final EIS would then be completed in 2016 with a final permit decision due in 2017.

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Draft Environmental Impact Statement
Read this required document and other environmental information on the NISP Environment page. Learn more»

NISP Key Statistics

NISP key statistics include: 15 participants, $490 million estimated project cost and 40,000-acre-foot yield. Learn more»