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  NISP Features & Mitigation
The NISP Features and Mitigation Map has popup descriptions and locations of NISP mitigation plan features. This GIS map also has location search and map layers that can be turned on and off. Click map to view it. 
 Proposed Glade Reservoir map NISP - Printable PDF Map
Printable PDF map shows NISP: two preferred alternative reservoirs, proposed U.S. 287 highway realignment and pipelines for ditch company water exchanges.  
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 Highway 287 Realignment map Highway 287 Realignment
Map shows locations of the two most likely U.S. Highway 287 relocation alternative routes if Glade Reservoir is built.

 NISP Participants map NISP Participants 
Map shows the 15 Northern Colorado NISP participants and their NISP allotments.


 Glade/Galeton Alternative map Glade/Galeton Alternative 
Map shows another view of Glade Reservoir overlaid on an aerial map.

 Highway 287 Alternatives map Highway 287 Alternatives
Map is an aerial photo overlay of of Glade Reservoir and U.S. Highway 287 relocation alternative routes with land ownership included.