Real-Time Water Temperature Data

Real-time temperature data are collected at a 15-minute frequency and transmitted instantaneously. These data are processed and the seven-day and two-hour averages are calculated on a real-time basis to compare to the state standards. These data are provisional.
Currently, real-time water temperature data is collected on the Colorado River downstream of Windy Gap Reservoir (CR-WGD - see map to the right). The seven-day and two-hour averages are displayed below.  To download final historic data for this station, go to the West Slope Temperature Data page.

Water Temperature in Colorado streams is assessed for both chronic and acute exposure in an attempt to protect aquatic life against adverse effects of elevated water temperature. The chronic temperature standard is assessed against a seven-day rolling average of the data, while the acute temperature standard is assessed against the daily maximum of the two-hour rolling average.

More information on temperature standards assessment is available in the Section 303(d) Listing Methodology and Temperature Criteria Methodology - Policy Statement 06-1. Applicable standards for the Upper Colorado River basin can be found in Table Values of Regulation 33.