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Northern Water was established on on Sept. 20, 1937 as the first water conservancy district in the state and was tasked to work with the federal government to contract for and then build and operate the C-BT Project.

The project, built by Northern Water and the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, forever changed this semi-arid region by helping provide water to sustain farms and faucets within Northern Water’s eight-county service area. Today the C-BT supplies 960,000 residents and 640,000 irrigated acres with a portion of their much needed and highly valued water supply.
See the commemorative issue of Waternews for numerous articles and photos about Northern Water's history.

Northern Water held its 75th anniversary open house on Sept. 20, 2012. Watch the video of the Sept. 20 event.

Looking Back 75 years: Key Events in 1937

May 13, 1937
Colorado Governor Teller Ammons signs the Conservancy District Act into law.

June 1937
Proponents circulate petitions throughout Northeastern Colorado to organize the Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District.

June 11, 1937
The Northern Colorado Water Users Association and the Western Slope Protective Association reach an agreement to endorse the C-BT Project, including construction of Green Mountain Reservoir.

June 15, 1937
U. S. Senator Alva B. Adams presents Senate Document 80 to Congress (a development plan and cost estimates for the C-BT Project).

June 24, 1937
Congress approves Senate Document 80, authorizing construction of the C-BT Project.

August 9, 1937
President Roosevelt signs the Interior Department appropriations bill committing $900,000 in construction funds to the C-BT Project.

September 20, 1937
The District Court of Weld County orders the creation of the Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District.

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Free commemorative posters are available at Northern Water's headquarters, 220 Water Ave. in Berthoud.
Statewide Celebration
The year 2012 has significance for other water agencies, too. The Colorado River Water Conservation District was created to protect the interests of the West Slope of the Continental Divide, and the Colorado Water Conservation Board formed under the Department of Natural Resources to oversee the state’s water issues.

In January, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper announced on video that 2012 is The Year of Water, which he also declared in a proclamation. 
To learn more about the resulting statewide educational and celebratory effort, visit the Colorado Water 2012 website, which includes an animated video describing the need for the C-BT Project.