Class D Assessments Allottees pay all Class D assessments in arrears with their property taxes. Northern Water submits a list of allottees who have Class D assessments to the counties each year before Oct. 1. The counties collect and distribute assessment revenues to Northern Water on a monthly basis.

The 2020 Class D assessment rates are:

  • Unit I: $27.40 per unit
  • Unit II: $28.20 per unit
C-BT water deliveries from Boulder Reservoir to allotment contract holders include a $1.50 per acre-foot unit delivery charge.
Class B Assessments
Allottees must pay all Class B assessments by Oct. 1 following the year of delivery. Section 131 Contract payments are due Oct. 1 of the year prior to delivery.

The 2019 Class B assessment rate is $46.50 per unit.
Class C AssessmentsAllottees must pay all Class C assessments by March 1 of the year prior to delivery.

The 2010 Class C assessment rates are:
  • Domestic, Industrial, Multipurpose: $46.50 per unit
  • Irrigation: $27.40 per unit
Rate HearingThe Northern Water Board holds a rate hearing at the August Planning & Action Session to set assessments for the next fiscal year.
To see Northern Water’s assessment charges for previous years, please refer to the Summary of Northern Water Assessment Charges.