Oct. 28, 2020

C-BT Project Reservoirs in Good Shape to Continue Deliveries

The Colorado-Big Thompson (C-BT) Project captures water to supplement the Front Range’s local supplies. During snow runoff and wet periods, we collect water to make sure it is available in dry seasons and droughts. We, along with our partners at the Bureau of Reclamation, have saved water for a time like this as most of Northern Colorado is in a drought and many Colorado watersheds are experiencing extreme wildfires.  

Lake Granby 

In several recent years Lake Granby has filled to the brim, which is unusual over the history of the project. This means our savings account is full as we face challenges caused by drought and wildfires. 

Carter Lake 

Elevation levels at Carter Lake remain healthy for this time of year and at a greater capacity compared to the five previous years, as outlined in the chart below.  

Horsetooth Reservoir 

Water levels at Horsetooth Reservoir are lower than in previous years due to maintenance projects, but the reservoir continues to send water to the Poudre River for regional users. Work is anticipated to conclude next month and as soon as it is, we look forward to working with Reclamation to top off the reservoir with water carried through the Adams Tunnel. This will put us in a great position to make water deliveries in 2021. 

Combined Reservoirs

For this time of year, the C-BT Project is unusually full. Carter Lake is at 152 percent of the project’s lifetime average, Lake Granby is 114 percent of average and Horsetooth Reservoir is 98 percent of average. Combined, the project is 116 percent of our 62-year average.