Dec. 6, 2021

Audit Program to Undergo Changes in New Year

Because of Colorado's semiarid climate, many property owners choose to direct a large portion of nonresidential water use toward landscaping. Because of this demand, Northern Water has created partnerships and programs to improve large-landscape water efficiency, learn more about large landscape water use patterns and identify ways to save water.   

Launching and sustaining a water efficiency program for any single large-scale water user isn’t easy, however. Northern Water hopes to minimize the costs to start a program by providing funding support for irrigation audits within its boundary in partnership with Resource Central, a local conservation-focused nonprofit.  

In 2022, we want to increase the reach of the program and support regional water providers who want to bring water efficiency audits to their customers for the first time.  

Next year, Northern Water will fund 50 percent of Resource Central’s Slow the Flow irrigation audits in qualifying service areas within Northern Water’s boundaries. To be eligible, allottees must contract with Resource Central directly to provide the Slow the Flow program to their nonresidential water customers. Resource Central also offers residential irrigation audit services, but Northern Water’s funding support is limited to nonresidential audits.   

For more information, contact Water Efficiency Specialist Ally Mazurek or Resource Central directly.  

Northern Water partners with Resource Central to offer audits to qualifying nonresidential properties within its boundaries.