July 19, 2021

Aerial Seed, Mulch Treatments Get Underway at Willow Creek Reservoir

Western States Reclamation began conducting aerial ground treatments in Grand County last week to help burn areas recover from the 2020 East Troublesome Fire. The mixture of seed and mulch in each of the 3,000- to 5,000-pound loads will assist in the restoration of the watershed by combatting erosion and runoff of ash and debris, as well as helping bring back vegetation to key portions of the burn scar. Ground treatments are currently taking place around Willow Creek Reservoir, with treatments expected to address other key watershed areas as they continue into mid-August. Altogether, about 2,500 acres will be treated.

This project is being funded via the Natural Resources Conservation Service Emergency Watershed Protection Program, which Northern Water and Grand County are co-sponsoring. Because the treatment is occurring in Northern Water's sponsorship areas, we are responsible for 25 percent of project costs. A grant from CWCB is being utilized to cover some of the match requirements. Grand County is planning similar treatments in their sponsorship areas.

A lot of acres are being covered quickly, as the efficiency of the ground crews allows each of the helicopters to load up, fly out, release and return for another load all in the span of just about 6 minutes.  

Learn more about the East Troublesome Fire recovery efforts at www.gcwatershedrecovery.com.