COVID-19 Updates

Northern Water's Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Northern Water continues to monitor public health concerns surrounding the coronavirus outbreak, known as COVID-19. While we will continue to deliver water to our constituents, we also watch out for the health and safety of our employees. Most employees began working remotely in March 2020. Only employees with essential office or field duties are onsite. This precaution has been put in place by Northern Water management to limit social interaction and the spread of any potential illnesses.

Northern Water offices remain open only for essential deliveries and have limited access. Business and meetings are by appointment only. Please call 800-369-7246 for general information or refer to our Department Directory. In the event of a Northern Water related emergency, please call the Northern Water Control Room at 970-627-3019.

Visitors and Contractors

For visitors or contractors planning to visit Northern Water facilities, please follow these policies:

  • Check into the building using the main entrance. 
  • Take your temperature to complete the self-certification form upon check in. If contractors or visitors have not taken their temperature prior to arrival at Northern Water, there may be equipment available to test their temperature, but it is not guaranteed. If contractors or visitors cannot provide their body temperature, they will not be allowed to enter Northern Water facilities.
  • Keep at least 6 feet apart from others and avoid any congregation in which 6 feet may be compromised. This includes visiting with employees, congregating in the main entrance and taking part in meetings.
  • Wear a facemask whenever you are in a common area of the building, including hallways, bathrooms or conference rooms, or any other time that 6 feet of separation may be compromised. The mask must cover your mouth and nose. The facemask should stay donned while talking.
  • Bandanas, scarfs and single layer facemasks do not provide adequate protection and should not be worn.
  • Remove your mask by the straps and remove it completely while not in use. Do not hang the facemask from your neck while not in use.
Northern Water Keeps Delivering Water Supplies

One of the biggest weapons in the fight against the novel coronavirus and COVID-19 is one that many people take for granted: the clean water coming from household faucets. That water, when used with common soap, can offer the strongest line of defense.

At Northern Water, we take seriously the responsibility of delivering high-quality water to municipal treatment plants for delivery to approximately 1,021,000 million residents in Northeastern Colorado.

At this time, operators in our control centers and crews in the field are making sure our water systems continue to collect, store and deliver water reliably and efficiently. They are observing new practices for social distancing and enhanced hygiene, such as the use of proper ventilation masks and other personal protective equipment, to meet the needs of delivering water for the Colorado-Big Thompson and Windy Gap projects. 

If you would like to learn more about how Northern Water is meeting the challenge of coronavirus, email us at