Mitigation and Enhancement Plan

The NISP Fish and Wildlife Mitigation and Enhancement Plan – approved by the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission, Colorado Water Conservation Board and former Gov. John Hickenlooper in 2017 – includes an array of components that address issues raised during the permitting and public comment processes.

Northern Water has also made additional environmental commitments in its Conceptual Mitigation Plan that are included in the Final Environmental Impact Statement.

Overall, NISP is committing nearly $60 million toward mitigation and enhancement for the local environment and wildlife, including: 

Poudre River Stream Flow Commitments

  • Water releases from Glade Reservoir of 18 cubic feet per second (cfs) in the winter and 25 cfs in the summer, which will eliminate existing dry-up points in the river through downtown Fort Collins and improve stream flows year-round
  • Curtailing diversions when Poudre River flows are less than 50 cfs in the summer and less than 25 cfs in the winter
  • Commitments in which Glade Reservoir won’t divert Poudre River water during peak flows in 2/3 of years, and will bypass diversions for up to three days – equivalent to as much as 6,000 acre-feet in some years
  • The project’s stream flow commitments will result in little to no diversions during peak flow conditions in 90 percent of years.
  • Forgoing of these diversions will help protect stream flows in the Poudre River yet won’t negatively impact the project’s ability to deliver the annual water yield of each NISP participants.

Poudre River Stream Channel Commitments 

  • Building bypass/fish passage structures at four diversion dams through Fort Collins and at the Poudre Valley Canal diversion at the canyon mouth
  • Stream channel improvements on two reaches that cover 2.4 miles
  • Commitments of nearly $8 million for channel and riparian vegetation improvements

Other Commitments

  • Wildlife habitat conservation covering about 1,400 acres around Glade Reservoir
  • Wetlands and endangered species mitigation
  • Recreation/fishery benefits at Glade Reservoir