U.S. Highway 287 Realignment

Due to the footprint of Glade Reservoir, about 7 miles of U.S. Highway 287 will be realigned and relocated as a two-lane arterial roadway. Construction of the relocated highway will be completed prior to the completion of Glade Reservoir to avoid a road closure and associated displacement of traffic onto other roads.

Collaborating With CDOT

Northern Water is working with the Colorado Department of Transportation, the affected property owners and Larimer County to ensure proper access for the property owners is in place as the design for the relocated highway is developed. The preliminary approach will be a frontage road that would provide a single point of access to the highway for multiple land owners.

Communicating With the Public

A route study for this relocation was completed as part of the development of the project’s environmental impact statement.

As part of that process, the proposed route was presented to the public for review and comment during three separate periods:

  • At an alternative screening open house in 2004
  • As part of three environmental impact statement public comment periods in 2008, 2015 and 2018
  • At two associated sets of public hearings in 2008 and 2015 

 Addressing Potential Water-Well Permitting Issues for Landowners

Thirty-five-acre or larger parcels typically have simplified water-well permitting standards. In working with landowners to acquire easements for the 287 realignments, any acquisitions that would reduce parcel sizes below that 35-acre threshold will be completed using easements or through a land division process approved to maintain well permitting standards.