Rob McClary
Sedgwick County
Term: Sept. 28, 2011
—Sept. 28, 2019
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Rob McClary was appointed to the Northern Water and Municipal Subdistrict boards on September 28, 2011. He has a Bachelor’s degree in general agronomy from Colorado State University.

McClary and his family own and operate McClary Farms, Inc. in Sedgwick County in Northeastern Colorado. McClary was born in Sedgwick County and operates the family farm with his brother Jack and father Wally. The farm has 1,800 irrigated acres, 2,000 calves, corn, alfalfa, wheat and sugar beets. The McClarys irrigate the farm with water from 10 irrigation wells and shares in Jumbo Reservoir.

Irrigation plays a key role in McClary’s farm operation. He has been on the boards of these irrigation organizations:
  • Julesburg Irrigation District – 13 years, current president
  • Groundwater Appropriators of the South Platte River Basin (GASP) – 15 years through 2003
  • Ovid Reservoir Project – 2 years through 2003
  • Sedgwick County Well Users – 9 years, current vice president
  • Petersen Augmentation LLC – 5 years, current president
In the 1980s, McClary was involved with the Sedgwick Sand Draws, a flood control program in Sedgwick County.

McClary has also been the treasurer for the Republican Central Committee for Sedgwick County for 16 years.

McClary enjoys spending time with his nephew Mitchell and his niece Natalie and their families.