NISP Participants

The 15 NISP participants include 11 fast-growing communities and four water districts within the Northern Front Range. They currently serve water to about 250,000 residents, with that number expected to double by 2050.

In fact, a report issued in May 2018 by the U.S. Census Bureau showed that Firestone, Windsor and Erie had the highest population growth since 2010, by percentage, of all cities in the state with more than 10,000 people. Firestone grew by 36.25 percent, Windsor by 35.86 percent and Erie by 33.63 percent. In addition, NISP participant Lafayette grew by 15.85 percent, the 11th-fastest rate of growth by a Colorado city with more than 10,000 residents.

Northern Colorado communities of less than 10,000 people that are participating in NISP also grew at a rapid pace, according to the Census Bureau. Frederick grew by nearly 46 percent, Severance grew by 35 percent and Dacono by 33 percent.

The NISP participants are pursuing an all-of-the-above strategy to meet their future water needs. In addition to NISP, they are embracing conservation efforts, alternative transfer methods with ag-water suppliers and reuse opportunities. The participants have already collectively reduced their water consumption by almost 30 percent in recent years through these efforts. Be sure to review the Water Supplies and Demands for NISP Participants Report completed in 2017. 

Participants and Permitted Yield 

Erie (6,500 AF)
Left Hand Water District (4,900 AF)
Fort Morgan (3,600 AF)
Central Weld County Water District (3,500 AF)
Windsor (3,300 AF)
Fort Collins Loveland Water District (3,000 AF)
Frederick (2,600 AF)
Fort Lupton (2,050 AF)

Severance (2,000 AF)
Lafayette (1,800 AF)
Evans (1,600 AF)
Firestone (1,300 AF)
Eaton (1,300 AF)
Morgan County Quality Water District (1,300 AF)
Dacono (1,250 AF)