Streamflow Forecasts

Northern Water’s Snowpack and Streamflow Comparisons reports show snow-water content comparisons and streamflow forecasts for the watersheds in the Colorado-Big Thompson Project. Northern Water publishes the reports on this page from the beginning of February through the beginning of May. Go to the SnoWatch Snowpack Data page for snowpack data from remote Snowpack Telemetry (SNOTEL) platforms in eight watersheds, covering an area from west of Loveland, CO to east of Kremmling, CO.

 Colorado SNOTEL Statewide Snowpack Map
 Colorado Snowpack Update – All State River Basins

May 2019 Streamflow Forecast*
A relatively dry April followed by a late storm has made our forecasts unchanged from April 1 for the Upper Colorado River, Blue River, and Willow Creek, with a slight decrease in the Fraser River forecast. All streamflow forecasts for the Colorado River basin are expected to be above average. South Platte River basin forecasts are slightly lower than April 1, though nearly all remain above average. Learn more>>

April 2019 Streamflow Forecast*
A strong and active storm track in early March has pushed our snowpack and streamflow forecasts to above average in all Upper Colorado and South Platte River basins. Additionally, large precipitation events within Northern Water boundaries led March precipitation totals to be 146% of average. These large storm events have nearly caught our boundaries up to normal precipitation levels for the 2019 water year. Learn more>>

March 2019 Streamflow Forecast*
Since February, there has been a slight increase in the forecast for the Colorado River with all basins forecasted for above average streamflow. The South Platte River forecasts have little change from Feb. 1, with all basins forecasted  to have slightly below average streamflow. As of Feb.1, Colorado's statewide snowpack was 112 percent of average. The Upper Colorado River basin was 101% of average the the South Platte Tributaries were 95 percent of average. Learn more>>

February 2019 Streamflow Forecast*
January precipitation within Northern Water's district boundaries wasabout average, though November through January precipitation remains much below average. As of Feb. 1, Colorado's statewide snowpack was 106 percent of average. The Upper Colorado River basin was 105 percent of average and the South Platte Tributaries were 104 percent of average. Learn more>> 

* A small note that our Upper Colorado River and South Platte
Tributaries snow water equivalent values are weighted differently from NRCS values, effecting the percent of average calculations.

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