West Slope Water Data — Reservoirs

 Follow the steps below to select, display and export reservoir data.

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Step 1: Select Station

Select a station from the list, then click Step 2.

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Select Station Name Elevation (ft) Contents (af) Date/Time Data Source
Grand Lake 8,366.65 838 1/18/2020 Northern Water
Shadow Mountain Reservoir 8,366.75 17,023 1/18/2020 Northern Water
Lake Granby 8,266.82 447,795 1/18/2020 Northern Water
Windy Gap Reservoir 7,820.01 16,875 11/21/2011 Northern Water
Green Mountain Reservoir 7,899.68 70,410 10/1/2018 Bureau of Reclamation (GRERESCO)
Willow Creek Reservoir 8,122.07 8,386 1/18/2020 Bureau of Reclamation (WILRESCO)
Grand Lake
Elevation: 8,367 (ft)
Contents: 838 (af)
Capacity: 1,010 (af)
Shadow Mountain Reservoir
Elevation: 8,367 (ft)
Contents: 17,023 (af)
Capacity: 18,369 (af)
Lake Granby
Elevation: 8,267 (ft)
Contents: 447,795 (af)
Capacity: 539,755 (af)
Windy Gap Reservoir
Elevation: 7,820 (ft)
Green Mountain Reservoir
Elevation: 7,900 (ft)
Contents: 70,410 (af)
Capacity: 154,645 (af)
Willow Creek Reservoir
Elevation: 8,122 (ft)
Contents: 8,386 (af)
Capacity: 10,553 (af)

Step 2: Adjust Time Interval (optional)

Select a Time Interval, Start Date and End Date, then click Refresh Data. View results in Step 3.

Step 3: View Results

To view results, choose selections from Steps 1 and 2, above.