June 3, 2021

First Public EV Charging Station in Berthoud Installed at Northern Water

The Colorado EV Plan 2020 seeks to add 1 million electric vehicles to the road by 2030, increasing the need for publicly available charging stations. 

Thanks to the Charge Ahead Colorado grant program, funded by the Colorado Energy Office, Northern Water received $9,000 toward the installation of an EV charger at our Berthoud headquarters. The charger is active and ready for use as of June 2, 2021. 

Transportation is the single largest source of carbon dioxide emissions in Colorado. The Charge Ahead grant was created in an effort to improve air quality and encourage the deployment of electric vehicles across the state. By offsetting some of the costs of charger installations, the grant program helps to minimize gaps in the EV charging corridor that might otherwise lead to “range anxiety” in would-be EV purchasers.  

Northern Water’s charger is the first public electric vehicle charger in Berthoud (but will soon be one of three, with two more charging stations set to be installed at the new Town of Berthoud recreation center opening this fall). The charger is a Level II device and can provide a full charge to a standard EV in just three to four hours. The charger will be accessible from disabled parking spaces and can serve two vehicles at once. A usage fee will help cover the cost of operation. 

The Northern Water EV Charging Station is listed in the ChargePoint database and can be found when “Berthoud, CO” is entered in the location search.