Horsetooth Reservoir Maintenance Project

Maintenance Work at Horsetooth Reservoir Planned for Fall 2020

Crews from Northern Water and the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation plan to perform a maintenance project at Soldier Canyon Dam this fall. To accomplish the work, water levels in Horsetooth Reservoir will decline to levels not seen in several years by the end of the summer. 

Through the rest of the summer and early fall, water will be released to municipal, industrial and agricultural users as normal, but flows into the reservoir will be halted. Staff predicts normal releases of reservoir water will meet the needs of users while also bringing the reservoir to a safe level for the maintenance work. 

What is the construction period? 

Maintenance will occur from October through November 2020. Following the completion of the work, inflows will resume to the reservoir with the anticipation of normal operations in 2021. 

What does the project include? 

Routine maintenance including replacing valve seals on three values in the Soldier Canyon Dam Outlet, as well as maintenance work to the reservoir itself. This project will not involve major construction. Other agencies are also planning work during this time.  

How will this project affect recreation at Horsetooth Reservoir or neighboring communities? 

There will be minimal to no impacts to recreational activities at the reservoir, including fishing, camping, hiking and the use of hand-launched watercraft. Current operational plans show all boat ramps will be available through the end of September. Boat ramp open status is updated regularly via the Larimer County Natural Resources website, Horsetooth Reservoir page

Who do I contact if I have questions?

If you have questions regarding the project or construction activities, you can call Northern Water at 800-369-7246.