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Water Efficiency

Many factors play into how much water people use in a day, including where they live and their lifestyle. As the population continues to grow we know water shortages can occur anywhere, which is why we all must be smarter about how we use water. Taking care of this precious natural resource and practicing efficiency in daily life should be a priority for everyone.

Northern Water views water efficiency as an integral part of our management strategy, long-range planning is to encourage good stewards of our water resources. Which is why we are invested in providing water efficiency information and education to the public, green industry professionals, municipalities and Northern Water allottees. We want to ensure we do more with less water and can secure this resource for future generations. 

Conservation Campus Tours

At Northern Water's Berthoud headquarters, the public can take advantage of two free outdoor features open daily located behind the main building.

Conservation Gardens
Our award-winning Conservation Gardens and Xeriscape Plaza allow people to discover efficient irrigation methods and see more than 700 plants and 60 turf grasses that thrive in Colorado’s semiarid climate. Each area of the gardens is labeled to give the public information on using various plant materials and techniques to achieve water savings in their landscapes. The gardens have five separate grass areas with different types of turf grasses, an automated weather station and soil and irrigation technology demonstration areas.

Colorado-Big Thompson Interpretive Area
The Colorado-Big Thompson Interpretive Area offers a replica of the C-BT Project of how water is collected on the West Slope and delivered to the East Slope through a collection of 12 reservoirs and the 13.1-mile Alva B. Adams Tunnel.

Tours of the Conservation Gardens and C-BT Interpretive Area are available by calling 800-369-7246 or emailing Lyndsey Lucia.