Project Participants

Project Answers 12 Participants' Need for Water Supplies

The Windy Gap Firming Project would benefit nine cities, two water districts and a power provider. Northern Water's Municipal Subdistrict is coordinating the permitting process for these residential providers, who face a serious lack of water supply as the region continues to grow.

Participants and Requested Storage

Broomfield (26,464 af)

Platte River Power Authority (16,000 af)

Loveland (9,587 af)

Greeley (9,189 af)

Longmont (8,000 af)

Erie (6,000 af)

Little Thompson Water District (4,850 af)

Superior (4,726 af)

Louisville (2,835 af)

Fort Lupton (1,103)

Lafayette (900 af)

Central Weld County Water District (346 af)

By 2050, these water providers' combined population will have far more than doubled what it was in 2005, to about 825,000 people. Water demand projections show a shortage in supply of 64,000 acre-feet in 2030 and 110,000 acre-feet by 2050.

To address this shortage, participants are relying on multiple approaches: conservation, reuse, and additional supplies - including the Windy Gap Firming Project.