Eastern Pump Plant

Increasing Capacity on the SWSP Pipeline

The Eastern Pump Plant encompasses the construction of a booster pump plant west of Platteville. This new plant will be on the existing Southern Water Supply Project Water Activity Enterprise’s Fort Lupton/Hudson section of the SWSP pipeline. Because of its location, there are minimal impacts to the community as a result of this project.  

Why is the Eastern Pump Plant needed?

The purpose of the project is to increase capacity of the SWSP pipeline to meet growing needs of downstream users. When complete, the pump plant will increase downstream capacity by 63 percent. 

What is the construction period?

Construction began in January 2020 and was substantially complete in February 2021. Final completion is still in progress. 

What does the project include?

The pump plant will include five 700 HP vertical turbine pumps (with room for a sixth) in a new 5,200 square foot building. As the pump plant is being constructed in line with the existing SWSP pipeline, a bypass pipeline was constructed to allow continuous deliveries of water to downstream participants during construction. 

Who is paying for the project?

The overall construction project is approximately $10 million. SWSP participants are paying for the construction project in percentage to their overall increase of capacity and benefit, with Fort Lupton and Fort Morgan paying the largest percentage as the primary beneficiaries by increased capacity. Funding is going through the SWSP Water Activity Enterprise.  

Who do I contact if I have questions?

For questions regarding the project or construction activities, call Northern Water at 800-369-7246.