Drought Planning

Drought Management Planning 

The following links provide helpful resources for drought contingency planning. 

Colorado Drought Assistance

The Colorado Water Conservation Board provides a Municipal Drought Management Plan guidance document and accompanying worksheets to help municipal water providers and local governments develop localized drought management plans.

Colorado Drought Plan

The Colorado Water Conservation Board drafted a Colorado Drought Mitigation and Response Plan in 2018. The plan outlines a mechanism for monitoring drought, assessing impacts, and responding to and mitigating drought.

EPA Drought Response

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency created a Drought Response and Recovery Guide to support municipal water utilities’ efforts to create drought management plans. It also highlights utilities that have recovered from drought.

Model Drought Plans

Northern Water has compiled several example allottee drought response plans for Colorado water providers seeking to develop drought management plans.

National Integrated Drought Information System Link Library

The National Integrated Drought Information System coordinates drought monitoring, forecasting and planning.

To effectively mitigate drought Colorado water providers must plan for it.