Drought Resources - Municipal

Communicating About Drought

Once a water provider has finalized its drought response plan, it is essential to communicate the plan and a water efficiency program to customers for efficient water management. The links below include helpful resources for communicating drought to customers, as well as water efficiency programs for water providers. 

Colorado Water: Live Like You Love It

Colorado WaterWise created its Live Like You Love It campaign to help water providers communicate to their customers the importance of water conservation and the value of water.

EPA Public Awareness Kit

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has created a Public Awareness Kit to help water utilities communicate and advocate for water conservation.

Water Research Foundation

The Water Research Foundation has conducted significant research on how best to communicate with water utility customers. The foundation’s website includes projects and case studies.

Water Efficiency Programs  

Northern Water’s Efficiency Programs

Water efficiency is an integral part of Northern Water’s long-term management strategy and includes good water resources stewardship. Northern Water offers irrigation audits and landscape conversion project grants to its allottees and customers.

Partners and Resources

The Colorado Water Conservation Board’s Municipal Drought Management Plan and accompanying worksheets are available to help municipal water providers and local governments develop local-specific drought management plans.