Stakeholder Meetings

Keeping Our Stakeholders Informed

Northern Water’s stakeholder meetings provide allottees, municipalities, researchers, and other professionals with opportunities to learn about water quality, water efficiency and our weather network. The Water Quality and Water Efficiency departments provide attendees with the latest program updates while also providing an opportunity to hear from our collaborative partners.  

The Water Efficiency Program team annually hosts a stakeholder meeting to disseminate the latest water efficiency ideas, policy, techniques and tools. This meeting keeps water conservation at the forefront, while also providing a forum for critical stakeholder feedback on program direction, needs and outcomes. 

The Water Quality Program team also hosts an annual meeting to update stakeholders on the status of monitoring, restoration and environmental commitments. This meeting is also a forum to highlight other efforts to better understand or improve water quality. Northern Water is committed to maintaining and delivering high-quality water that serves as a primary drinking source for Northeastern Colorado. Hosting the annual Water Quality Program annual meeting is one way we accomplish this.   

The Weather Network Program team meets periodically to discuss the latest in collecting, analyzing and providing weather data to stakeholders and the public. This meeting is also an opportunity to solicit user feedback and to discuss pertinent weather data issues. Northern Water’s weather station hosts are also routinely recognized at this meeting for their valuable contributions to our weather network. 

Northern Water Efficiency Manager Frank Kinder presenting at a Stakeholders Meeting.