Benefits that Reach Beyond Water Supply

NISP provides more open space recreation for Northern Colorado residents. 
  • There’s more to NISP than just drinking water supply; a new reservoir means more opportunities to fish, boat, hike, bike and camp in Northern Colorado’s great outdoors.
  • Outdoor enthusiasts in Northern Colorado have always had easy access to water sports and exploring on land, but many of our favorite places have become crowded. 
Glade Reservoir 
  • Glade Reservoir, which will be located northwest of Fort Collins, will be similar in size to the well-loved Horsetooth Reservoir and provide many of the same recreational amenities.
  • More than $24.4 million will be invested into recreation facilities at Glade Reservoir by NISP participants ($20.6 million) and Larimer County or other partners ($3.8 million) to build an educational visitor center, trails, campgrounds, expand fish-hatchery capacity and a boat ramp.
  • Northern Water is coordinating with Larimer County to develop a Recreation Development Plan for Glade Reservoir's recreation amenities including camping, boating, trails and a visitor center. 
Poudre River
  • Diverting water into Glade Reservoir isn’t expected to negatively impact recreation opportunities downstream on the Poudre River.
  • Since water will be strategically released from Glade Reservoir throughout the year to help improve flows in the Poudre River, the number of days suitable for tubing on the Poudre River is actually expected to increase by nearly 20 percent. The number of suitable kayaking days in a given year will remain the same.
Female hiker with backpack overlooking valley