In addition to much-needed water storage and measures that will help protect local wildlife and the environment, NISP will also bring a variety of new recreational opportunities to Northern Colorado.

Northern Water and the NISP participants are working with local and state agencies to specify those opportunities at Glade Reservoir, which are expected to include boating (motorized and non-motorized), fishing, camping, hiking and biking.

According to the NISP Final Environmental Impact Statement, the economic benefit from the new recreation opportunities at Glade Reservoir is expected to be between $13 to 30 million per year.

Furthermore, diverting water into Glade Reservoir isn’t expected to negatively impact recreation opportunities downstream on the Poudre River.

Since water will be strategically released from Glade Reservoir throughout the year to help improve flows in the Poudre River, the number of days suitable for tubing on the Poudre River is actually expected to increase to 79 days per year with NISP – up from the 66 days per year under current conditions – while the number of suitable kayaking days in a given year would remain the same, according to the NISP Final Environmental Impact Statement.