Geotechnical Design Assessment

Glade Reservoir GDA Work

In 2022, crews conducted rock and soil assessments at the proposed Glade Reservoir dam site, located north of the U.S. Highway 287 and State Highway 14 intersection. These were strictly assessments for design purposes; construction of the reservoir is NOT in progress. 

The goal of the work, referred to as the Glade Reservoir Geotechnical Design Assessment (GDA), was to gain site-specific geotechnical and geologic information that will inform design and construction planning for the proposed Glade Reservoir dam and appurtenant facilities. Primary work elements included:  

  • Digging a 1,000-foot-long trench at the main dam for material testing and foundation drilling 
  • Constructing a test pad of embankment material types 
  • Producing aggregates and rock fill from the quarries and investigating material characteristics 

Work was done by the NISP construction manager/general contractor, design team and subcontractors, and took place only on land owned by Northern Water. 

map of Geotechnical Design Assessment work done in summer 2022
Geotechnical Design Assessments were done on the Glade Reservoir site in 2022.