Sept. 19, 2023

NISP Industry Day Set for Oct. 24

The Northern Integrated Supply Project Water Activity Enterprise (NISP Enterprise) will host an Industry Day for the Glade Unit of NISP from 8-11 a.m. on Oct. 24, 2023, at the Northern Water Berthoud headquarters. The day will improve the industry’s understanding of the scope of work of various construction packages, NISP Enterprise’s bidding and proposal requirements, answer questions on the Glade Unit and overall NISP, and gain an understanding of how the construction community can support this project.  

Attendees are highly encouraged to register for Industry Day on the Northern Water website to provide accurate counts and expedite the check-in process. Registered attendees will be emailed all presentation materials following Industry Day.  

The NISP Enterprise is seeking multiple general contractors for the Glade Unit, which is the main feature of NISP. The heavy civil works project will construct a new dam and raw water conveyance facilities in Larimer County. The intent is to construct the components of the Glade Unit in four separate construction packages (Main Embankment and Appurtenances, Munroe Canal Bypass, Poudre Valley Canal Improvements, and Glade Pump Plant Facilities). Contractors will have the ability to propose on and be selected for multiple packages. These packages and procurement plans will be reviewed at Industry Day.  

NISP is being pursued for the purpose of developing a reliable water supply for Northern Colorado for the beneficial use of the 15 participants. NISP will provide 40,000 acre‐feet of new, reliable water supply to the project participants annually through the construction of two major components, the Glade Unit and the South Platte Water Conservation Project (SPWCP). The primary new facility included with the Glade Unit is the Glade Reservoir itself which is a new off‐channel reservoir with an active storage capacity of 170,000 acre‐feet located northwest of Fort Collins. View the full Industry Day announcement on BidNet.  

The Industry Day will take place in Building H at Northern Water, 220 Water Ave. in Berthoud. Northern Water is in the midst of a campus development project to meet the growing demands of the region. As a result, there is a lot of activity on campus. While parking is open throughout the campus in non-secure areas, there is a lot of parking near Building H which guests can view on the campus map