Visiting Our Campus

Visiting Northern Water’s Berthoud Campus

Thank you for visiting Northern Water’s Berthoud campus. We have now completed our campus development efforts and have moved back into our newly expanded Building A, which houses the majority of our staff and programs. You may still see some work throughout the summer on our Berthoud campus grounds, but we are grateful that this campus development project will allow us to meet the growing demands of our region. Thank you for your patience! 

Here is where you will find new and permanent locations on campus. 

  • Main Entrance – Our main entrance has moved back to Building A on the northeast corner of the building. All guests accessing Building A are required to check-in and out at our main entrance. Guests with meetings in Building H can proceed directly to that building without main entrance check in. 
  • Boardroom – Our remodeled boardroom is located in Building A. 
  • Meetings – Most meetings will now take place in various conference rooms in Building A. 
  • Tours – Check in for all tours in front of Building H. 
  • Parking – Visitor and accessible parking is available in front of Building A, however parking is open throughout the campus. Visitors must access Building A through the main entrance. 
  • General and Freight Deliveries  
    • Mail deliveries from the U.S. Postal Service go to the main entrance. 
    • General deliveries from UPS, FedEx, Amazon, etc. go to Building F.
    • Freight deliveries utilize the southwest gate off Water Avenue. Call 800-369-7246 upon arrival.  
map of Northern Water Berthoud campus 2024
Guests walk through the Conservation Gardens

Visiting the Conservation Gardens and Campus

Visitors to the Conservation Gardens and the C-BT Interpretive Area are welcome to wander the gardens on their own and learn through the signage available. 

The gardens are open daily from sunrise to sunset. Please park on the south side of the gardens.