The Northern Integrated Supply Project:

Provides a secure water future for Northern Colorado
Enhances recreation opportunities to encourage healthy, outdoor lifestyle 
Supports environmental and wildlife stewardship
Improves safety and reliability while reducing water waste

How We'll Do It:

Create two new water storage reservoirs that will provide substantial public outdoor recreation opportunities
Relocate and bring up to modern safety standards approximately seven miles of U.S. Highway 287 northwest of Fort Collins
Complete various ditch and canal improvements throughout the system to increase reliability and reduce waste
Bury large, safe, resilient pipelines to enable cooperative water exchanges and delivery to cities, towns and water districts that provide water to 500,000 people today

Let’s Talk!

Involving the public and community has been a consistent priority throughout the many years of study and planning for NISP, because it works. Listening to the public has resulted in many project adjustments and modifications that have helped us earn broad community support. Learn more at