Saddle Dam

40-Foot Tall Saddle Dam at the Southern End of the Reservoir

The saddle dam at the south end of the reservoir allows the reservoir to hold the necessary 90,000 acre-feet of storage. The saddle dam will impound about 30 feet of water and given that the surface area of the reservoir is about 740 acres at this elevation, enables the addition of over 30 percent of available volume. 

The embankment consists of a clay-core rockfill dam, similar to Carter Lake and Horsetooth Reservoir dams. It will be 40 feet tall and 1,250 feet long and contain approximately 100,000 cubic yards of rockfill and 30,000 cubic yards of clay. It will also include a double-row grout curtain extending approximately 70-feet below the dam foundation to seal the foundation. 

Rendering of the saddle dam at the southern end of the reservoir.
Saddle dam rendering courtesy Stantec.
Saddle dam grout cap
Saddle dam, July 2023