Site Safety Commitments

Safety On-Site is the Highest Priority

The four elements to quality control, cost reduction and job efficiency are: safety, occupational health, environmental protection and ethical practices.  

A full-time, on-site safety team is dedicated to providing proper training for all individuals, as well as adhering to safety protocols. At all times, all personnel have the right to feel safe and the right to shut down work if they feel unsafe. Essentially, there are approximately 500 “safety officers” on site daily because everyone is trained and responsible for safety.  

Barnard Construction hosts regular events for personnel to be reminded of the importance of on-site safety, including safety meetings for staff, safety demonstrations, training and more. Regularly taking time to focus on safety is a valuable investment. In the event of a medical emergency, we have personnel on-site with medical backgrounds, including a retired navy medic and trained paramedics. These individuals are able to assist while emergency services are called.  

Overhead view of hundreds of employees at an all-site safety meeting in May 2022
All-site safety meeting, May 2022
Safety Obligations and Expectations 
  • All personnel must receive a three-hour Chimney Hollow Reservoir site safety orientation prior to going on-site.
  • Personal protective gear is worn at all times: hard hat, safety glasses, safety vest, safety boots and long pants. 
  • Construction equipment and vehicles always have the right of way.  
Safety Meeting Frequency 
  • Every day, crews attend a safety meeting before any work begins. A bilingual safety meeting is also available. 
  • Each week, we host an all-supervisor meeting to discuss high-level safety on site.  
  • Each month we host an all-site bilingual safety meeting.