Feb. 10, 2023

Looking Ahead at 2023

This will be an exciting year at Chimney Hollow Reservoir as crews plan to accomplish many project milestones and complete multiple construction components. Here are some highlights to expect in 2023, along with numerical references to the map below.

1. Main Dam: The main dam’s foundation work, including grouting and the plinth, will be complete by the end of the year. Additionally, the main dam embankment is expected to reach 180 feet tall, which is a little more than half of the final 350-foot-tall dam. 

2. Spillway: Crews should have the spillway nearly complete, with work remaining only on the stilling basin and outlet channel. 

3. Tunnel: The 2,000-foot-long tunnel’s excavation, ground support and downstream tunnel lining will be complete. Work on the upstream portion of the tunnel will occur in 2024.

Rendering of the completed spillway.

4. Saddle Dam: Crews will make significant progress on the saddle dam at the southern end of the reservoir by completing the foundation, grouting and test fill. 

5. Valve House: The valve house foundation will be complete.

6. Carter Lake Interconnect: This fall, crews will connect the Chimney Hollow inlet/outlet works to the Carter Lake system, which will allow water delivery to the project’s southern participants. A fall outage will allow crews to complete the interconnect work, similar to the work that was done last fall at the Bald Mountain Interconnect. 

Aerial photo of the Chimney Hollow construction site with labels of various components.