March 10, 2023

Round-the-Clock Operations at Chimney Hollow

As we transition from winter to spring, on-site activities have and will continue to increase. Currently, crews are working two, 10-hour shifts, with the remaining four hours of a day dedicated to maintenance. In early April, we will move to full production, which means that, as necessary, each component of the construction site will be active day and night. Construction will continue as weather allows 24 hours a day.

Even with round-the-clock operations, rest assured that there are no blasts scheduled during nighttime hours. We also continue to monitor noise and air quality at several locations 24 hours a day. We realize that night construction is an inconvenience to some of you and we appreciate your patience. We look forward to using the opportunity to work at night to allow us to complete this project in 2025 -- and so the views in a few short years will be of a serene foothills reservoir. Our team continues to explore ways in which we can lessen the external impact, but we are also guided by the necessity to keep workers at the site safe from harm, especially at night.

Night view of construction at Chimney Hollow

Weekly blasting schedules will be posted to Blasting may be delayed due to weather or other circumstances, and if this happens, the website will be updated as needed. You may also notice that as we begin night shift work, daily blasts will be conducted around noon most days, instead of 4:30 p.m.