Oct. 16, 2023

New Video Provides Glimpse into Steep-Slope Grouting Operations

Grouting by its very nature presents its share of challenges and is often referred to by construction managers as one of the toughest aspects of a project to predict. As crews inject a cementation slurry into a foundation to fill cracks and voids below the surface, they deal with a number of unknowns in terms of what the geology looks like beneath them. Even with extensive pre-construction rock and soil assessments, the amount of time it will take to sufficiently grout and seal up any given location can only be estimated, with operations sometimes going much longer, or much quicker in some cases, than anticipated.

Added to those challenges at the Chimney Hollow Reservoir construction site are surfaces as steep as 45-degrees on which the grouting has to be done. This 3-minute video offers a snapshot into the steep-slope grouting currently underway out at Chimney Hollow, the additional procedures and safety steps it takes to perform this work, and how crews continue making progress in spite of the taxing conditions.