CCTP Rental

The Carryover Capacity Transferability Program (CCTP) allows for transfer of the space associated with carryover option accounts within the Colorado-Big Thompson Project. In essence, the CCTP program allows account entities to transfer “empty carryover buckets” to each other. As with seasonal transfers, CCTP transfers are private transactions between account entities. 

Participation in the annual Carryover Program and the Carryover Capacity Transfer Program is subject to the following policies:

  • Only account entities associated with C-BT allotment contracts may participate in carryover programs.
  • Carryover option accounts are activated for delivery on the first day of the month following the date that all carryover assessments are paid.
  • To prevent speculative acquisition of carryover water, seasonal transfers of carryover water are prohibited. Also, once the space associated with a carryover option account has been transferred to another account entity via the CCTP, it cannot be transferred again.
  • If an account entity options an amount less than the full carryover option amount, the remaining balance is immediately canceled to the Regional Pool option account.
  • Any balance remaining in a carryover account at the end of the water year will revert to project reserves. Water cannot be carried over into a second water year.
  • By default, any orders for C-BT water will first be fulfilled from the water user’s carryover account. This policy helps water users preserve C-BT quota water for possible carry over into the next water year. Water users may opt out of the default if desired.

Entities or Individuals Seeking CCTP Rental 

ContactPhoneEmailAcre-FeetPrice in Acre Feet
Kirk Tellinghuisen970-454-3377ktellinghuisen@eatonditch.comNegotiableNegotiable

Entities or Individuals With CCTP Rental Available

No CCTP rental available at this time.

Posting CCTP Rental Information

To post rental water information on this page, please call Water Scheduling at 800-845-3794.