Our Data

Capturing Data From Our Projects

Northern Water collects real-time flow data for the Colorado-Big Thompson Project and Windy Gap Project. The data for selected canals, streams, rivers, reservoirs and watersheds can be viewed and downloaded through our website portal

New Data Portal 

On Aug. 3, 2020, Northern Water launched a new website and data portal. Please know our website data portal is under continued development as we make adjustments to ensure a good user experience. As you search for data please know that the Water Quality data is on a different portal than the flow and weather data. Please use the links below to launch the particular data area you seek. Thank you for your patience. For any questions, please contact Matthew Gloe at mgloe@northernwater.org or call 800-369-7246. 

State of Colorado Data

Northern Water pushes its data to the State of Colorado, which is available on the state's data portal.  

State of Colorado Data Portal

Flow Data

Data from our rivers, streams, canals and snow

GIS and Maps

Maps of our projects and service area

Snowpack Data

Snowmelt helps plan for long-term water supplies

Streamflow Forecasts

Snow-water content comparisons and streamflow forecasts

Water Quality Data

Data from monitoring, temperature and more

Water Temperature Data

Seven-day and two-hour averages in real time

Weather Data

Data from our weather network systems