Assessments and Water Rate Study

Assessments on Property Taxes 

The Northern Water Board of Directors passed a resolution in 2014 regarding its assessments for rate-setting objectives. Among other objectives, the resolution proposed a two-year step increase in assessments beginning in 2016 and moving irrigation assessments towards a cost-of-service based rate.

Water Assessments for 2022

The Board of Directors passed the current rate assessments for 2022 on Aug. 5, 2021. The assessment amount of open-rate irrigation assessments in 2022 is $29 per acre-foot unit. The amount of open-rate municipal, industrial and multipurpose assessments for 2022 is $49.10 per acre-foot unit.

Class B Assessments 

Allottees must pay all Class B assessments by Oct. 1 following the year of delivery. Section 131 Contract payments are due Oct. 1 of the year prior to delivery. 

The 2021 Class B assessment rate is $47.80 per unit. 

Class C Assessments 

Allottees must pay all Class C assessments by March 1 of the year prior to delivery. 

The 2021 Class C assessment rates are: 

  • Domestic, Industrial, Multipurpose: $47.80 per unit 
  • Irrigation: $28.20 per unit 
Class D Assessments 

Allottees pay all Class D assessments in arrears with their property taxes. Northern Water submits a list of allottees who have Class D assessments to the counties each year before Oct. 1. The counties collect and distribute assessment revenues to us on a monthly basis. 

The 2021 Class D assessment rates are: 

  • Unit I: $28.20 per unit 
  • Unit II: $29.70 per unit 

Colorado-Big Thompson Project water deliveries from Boulder Reservoir to allotment contract holders include a $1.50 per acre-foot unit delivery charge. This is subject to change as the Board decides this charge at the annual rate hearing. 

Rate Hearing 

The Northern Water Board of Directors holds an annual rate hearing at the August Board Planning Session to set assessments for the next fiscal year.

Summary of Assessment Charges

Water Rate Study 

The 2014 Forward Guidance Resolution came after a comprehensive rate study that Northern Water conducted for more than eight months in 2013 and 2014. The water rate study was conducted to determine what adjustments were needed in our revenue structure, primarily our water assessment rates, to ensure the future financial health of the organization and to meet operation and maintenance commitments to the C-BT Project. For more information on the rate study, please contact Jerry Gibbens at 970-622-2299 or email

Final Cost of Service Rate Study Report