C-BT Buyers and Sellers

C-BT Buyer and Seller Lists

As a service to our allottees and water users, we provide an opportunity on this page to advertise interest in purchasing or selling Colorado-Big Thompson Project units. This service is provided only to qualified buyers (for those interested in purchasing) or to existing allottees (for those interested in selling). For more information, please contact Sherri Rasmussen at 970-622-2217 or Kris Thompson at 970-622-2237.

Seeking to Buy or Dedicate C-BT Units
Allottee NameAuthorized RepresentativePhoneEmailUnits Wanted 

Seeking to Sell C-BT Units
Allottee NameAuthorized RepresentativePhoneEmailUnits Available 
Weld County Land Investors Inc.
Christopher Hyland, CEO  
625 units
Emissaries of Divine Light
Jim Edwards, CFO
100 units
Nickolas Jenks
Nickolas Jenks
5 units
Cervi Enterprises
Mike Cervi

14 units
Doug Pennock
Doug Pennock
10 units
Hankins Family Farm, LLC
Darrin Hankins          

10 units
Hull Street 1925, LLC
Thomas Lloyd Jr.
4 units
Howard D. Buehler Trust  
Howard Huehler
17 units
Jan Canino
Jan Canino

29 units
Walter W. Wilson, Jr. and Vick S. Wilson Joint Revocable Trust
Walter W. Wilson
19-20 units


An allotment of Colorado-Big Thompson water is subject to the Water Conservancy Act, C.R.S 37-45-101 et seq, the authority of the Board of Directors of the Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District, and other relevant laws and regulations. A transfer of an allotment of C-BT water is subject to the discretion of and requires approval by the Board of Directors of Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District. The Board of Directors of Northern Water may deny an application for a transfer of Colorado-Big Thompson water for a range of reasons, including but not limited to a determination that the transfer is not in the best interests of the District. This information is provided for the convenience of the public, and may not be accurate or complete. You have an independent obligation to review and confirm the accuracy and completeness of any information provided by you to Northern Water or to you by Northern Water, and to supplement or correct the records of Northern Water with respect to any errors or omissions.