Oct. 12, 2023

Northern Water Wins 2023 WaterSense Sustained Excellence Award

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has honored Northern Water with a WaterSense Sustained Excellence Award for its work promoting WaterSense and water efficiency in 2022.  

WaterSense recognized its Sustained Excellence, Partner of the Year and Excellence Award winners during the WaterSmart Innovations Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Oct. 5. Northern Water was one of 13 Sustained Excellence Award winners nationwide. This is the fourth year that Northern Water has been a recipient of a WaterSense award. 

WaterSense, a voluntary partnership program sponsored by EPA, is both a label for water-efficient products, programs and homes and a resource for helping consumers learn ways to save water. More than 2,100 manufacturers, builders, retailers, utilities, government and nonprofit organizations partner with WaterSense to promote water-efficient products, homes and programs. 

Northern Water was recognized for its efforts to help commercial customers save water. In the past year, Northern Water performed 48 landscape consultations, inspecting landscape conditions and irrigation components, and recommending WaterSense labeled irrigation controllers and sprinkler components to help improve efficiency.  

EPA logo of 2023 Sustained Excellence Winner
Northern Water was presented with a WaterSense Sustained Excellence Award from the EPA. Water Efficiency Planner Darren Nowels, fourth from the right, accepted on behalf of Northern Water.

Northern Water also funded 11 projects through its Collaborative Water-Efficient Landscape Grant Program, which specifically requires WaterSense labeled equipment be installed; the 11 projects funded from the 2023 Water-Efficient Landscape Grant Program help save more than 7 million gallons of water each year. 

“The WaterSense program and products provide an ideal foundation to promote, facilitate and celebrate water efficiency,” said Frank Kinder, Northern Water’s Water Efficiency Department Manager. “The public-private partnership delivers sustained water savings and high performance, allowing comprehensive conservation of this vitally important resource on which we all rely. We appreciate the value WaterSense provides to all stakeholders.” 

Since 2006, more than 40,000 certified water-efficient plumbing and irrigation products have helped consumers and businesses save 7.5 trillion gallons of water; the amount of energy needed to pump, treat, and heat water by 880 billion kilowatt hours; and $171 billion in water and energy bills. These savings also helped prevent 337 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions, which is equivalent to planting 5.6 billion trees. 

“With extreme weather affecting water supplies and quality, saving this precious resource is more important than ever,” said Veronica Blette, Chief, WaterSense Branch. “The 2023 award winners helped Americans look to WaterSense and save not just water, but the energy required to heat and treat it, as well as reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with energy use.” 

For more information about WaterSense, visit www.epa.gov/watersense