Deliver Water

Managing and Delivering Water

Helping the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation manage and operate Colorado’s largest transmountain diversion project takes careful planning, attention to detail and continued maintenance, as some Colorado-Big Thompson Project facilities are more than 80 years old. Northern Water administers and delivers C-BT Project water to approximately 1,021,000 million people and 615,000 irrigated acres in Northeastern Colorado for agricultural, municipal, domestic and industrial purposes.   

The C-BT Project includes 12 reservoirs, 35 miles of tunnels, 95 miles of canals, seven hydroelectric power plants and 700 miles of transmission lines. Northern Water operates and maintains major portions of that infrastructure, ensuring that pump plants are operating properly, managing water flow and filling reservoirs, and working closely with Reclamation to optimize hydropower operations.  

In addition to the C-BT Project, we also manage the Northern Water Municipal Subdistrict’s Windy Gap Project, which provides supplemental water to more than a dozen Front Range municipalities and one utility.