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drip line running by plants in a garden
Irrigating a Water Wise Garden

Water-wise plants are adapted to the Colorado climate and can survive on natural rainfall. However, there are times when irrigation is necessary to supplement rainfall.

Grant sign installed in a garden
Landscape Signage

Northern Water works with many community partners in promote water efficiency in homes, gardens and landscapes. Request a sign to highlight various garden features. 

Bluegramma native grasses
Native Grasses

Native grasses provide a huge water savings compared to traditional cool-season turf, while adding beauty and texture to landscapes. Discover which ones are great in Colorado. 

Person holding soil in their hand checking for quality
Organic Matter 

Soil organic matter plays many roles in the urban landscape, but knowing what type of the three main soil types you have is key to getting started: sands, clays and loams.

Conservation Gardens
Plant List

The Conservation Gardens include a variety of plants that grow well in our region. This list includes plant details about flowering seasons, colors, water needs and more.

Smart controller for yard irrigation
Smart Controllers

Smart controllers seek to simplify and streamline the process of irrigation scheduling, which is the task of knowing when to water your landscape, how much and how long. 

Conservation Gardens
Street Strip Landscapes

The narrow green spaces between streets and sidewalks, referred to street strips, are common in most neighborhoods. However, maintaining these areas can be a source of frustration.

Sprinkler Head
Water Wise Landscapes

When planning for a Colorado climate-friendly landscape, consider maintenance, costs, time, purpose and benefits of the landscape before implementing the various components. 

Landscape Conversion Water Savings Calculator

Northern Water has created a beta version of a water savings estimate calculator to assist residents of Northern Colorado to estimate how much water can be saved through landscape conversions. The Excel spreadsheet uses data from Northern Water’s weather network to estimate a given type of landscape’s water need and compare it against that of a proposed landscape to determine approximate water savings. Actual water savings will vary based on several factors including irrigation efficiency, maintenance, and weather. To request a copy of the tool, please email your request using the button below.

Check out the quick screen recording video to see how easy it is to complete the calculator tool. 

Request the Water Savings Calculator