Environmental Collaborative Programs

Collaborative Programs Allow Us to be a Part of the Solution 

As part of Northern Water’s environmental ethic, we are a partner in numerous multi-stakeholder programs that allow us to collaborate with others to be responsive, solve problems and address impacts that our projects have on the environment. Some of our involvement in these collaboratives are permit requirements, while other participation is voluntary. While these are all distinct programs, they also have similarities that bring the stakeholders together in a collaborative process. We understand the value of a diverse stakeholder group and the different perspectives and information they bring.  

While we take the lead in some of the stakeholder processes, we serve as a participant in many others.  In whatever role we serve, data and science drive the collaborative decision-making process. Our collaborative programs straddle the Continental Divide from the Three Lakes Watershed, the Upper Colorado River to the Cache La Poudre, Big Thompson and the South Platte rivers.

Most of the collaborative programs we are engaged in concentrate on environmental values such as river health, water quality, aquatic resources and endangered species, but recreation and scenic attraction are also critical areas of focus.

As an organization that manages water, we realize there are many ways that we can be stewards of our environment and the critical resources it supports, but we cannot do it alone. These environmental collaborative projects allow us to work together to be a part of the solution. We remain committed with resources and efforts.