Landscape Templates

Templates Help Assist in Rebuilding and Landscape Development

Landscape templates are a great tool to start a landscape transition or new installation. Whether you’re starting with a blank slate or want to reduce water use and add some color, using a template can ease the burden of design costs and time-consuming research. The Sustainable Landscape Templates are comprised of six sets of comprehensive landscape plans and supplemental information designed to assist the communities impacted by the Marshall Fire of 2021. Water-wise Landscape Templates are, fun, colorful designs intended to support transitions from non-functional turf to a more a more beneficial water-wise landscape.

Sustainable Landscape Templates

Northern Water is working in partnership with Norris Design to create six scalable landscape design templates for the diverse neighborhoods affected by the Marshall Fire.

Water-wise Landscape Templates

Northern Water offers various landscape templates that can help provide plans for medians, right of ways and street strips for both residential and commercial.