Efficient Water Use

Do More With Less Water

Northern Water views water efficiency as an integral part of its management strategy with long-range planning that encourages people to be good stewards of water resources. The supplemental water that we provide through the Colorado-Big Thompson and Windy Gap projects is diverted from the Colorado River. With known pressures on this river system, it is critically important that we make the best use of this resource and support regional water resilience by promoting water efficient and drought tolerant landscapes.

As the growth in Northern Colorado continues, we realize we must be smart about how we use water. Water shortages can occur anywhere, and many factors play into how much water people use daily, including where they live and their lifestyle.

Built on input from and designed in response to input from our allottees and stakeholders, our Water Efficiency Program provides regional water efficiency services to allottees in order to maximize the value and use of the water we deliver, while doing so in a cost-effective, collaborative and demonstrative manner.  

Our program is designed to provide information and education to the public, green industry professionals, municipalities and Northern Water allottees. Our services are complimentary and while we do support all allottees, we target those who have no conservation program, staff or budget to assist in their efforts to become more efficient with their water use. We focus on providing support to the commercial water industry by supporting large-scale landscapes, including homeowners' associations, parks, cities, businesses and more. However, we also support residential customers in their landscape and irrigation needs.  

We want to ensure we do more with less water and can secure this resource for existing and future generations.  

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