Water Festivals

Educating Youth About Water

Each spring, thousands of students and teachers take part in children’s water festivals along Colorado’s Northern Front Range. Northern Water was instrumental in the first water festival that took place in 1990 in Greeley. Since then we’ve continued educating students about water through fun, hands-on activities ranging from physics to poetry.

Students learn about a variety of water-related topics, including:  

  • Aquatic insects and wildlife
  • Drought and flooding
  • Supply and conservation
  • Agriculture and irrigation
  • Quality and safety
  • Wetlands and rivers
Participation Through Games

In addition to sponsoring water festivals, Northern Water employees host classroom activities and educate students about our projects and activities. The popular C-BT game is always a hit with students as they spin the wheel, advance down the giant board game and learn more about the Colorado-Big Thompson Project. Northern Water employees also teach students the Edible Aquifers game to learn how groundwater and the geologic layers that make up an aquifer can become contaminated. Edible Aquifers is both a fun activity and a great method for students to learn the importance of protecting aquifers from pollution and contaminants.