Sept. 15, 2023

Connectivity Channel Construction Hits 1-Year Mark

Crews at the Colorado River Connectivity Channel (CRCC) site are hitting their stride one year into construction. A flurry of activity has been underway since the Aug. 23, 2022, groundbreaking, and in this new CRCC video, project managers from Northern Water and general contractor CEI provide updates on what all has taken place this past year, and also what’s ahead for the project.  

Once completed, the new channel will meet a longtime goal of connecting two stretches of the Colorado River that were bisected by the construction of Windy Gap Reservoir and Dam in the mid-1980s. The dam will continue to provide a diversion point on the Colorado River for the Windy Gap Project during the high flows of spring and early summer. Otherwise, water will flow through the new channel, and that connection will make it possible for fish and other wildlife to move freely upstream and downstream around the reservoir and dam.  

The CRCC is part of a $90 million package of environmental measures associated with construction of Chimney Hollow Reservoir, which is where Windy Gap Project water will be stored once it’s built.  

In addition to the construction-update video above, here’s a look back at the CRCC’s Aug. 23, 2022, groundbreaking, which includes comments from the diverse group of dignitaries who stepped up to the microphone that day to express their support and appreciation of the project.