Landscape Signage

Showing Our Partnership with Landscape Signage

Northern Water works with many community partners in promote water efficiency in homes, gardens and landscapes. As part of those partnerships, we’ve created signs that can be installed in landscapes to highlight native grass areas, water-wise planting areas, wetlands areas and grant recipients.

Landscape Signs Terms & Conditions
  • Signs were created by Northern Water to show our partnerships with local municipalities, commercial entities, schools and homeowners associations within our boundaries. 
  • Signs can be used if entity has native grass area, water-wise planting area and wetland area. 
  • Signs are posted here in pdf format for content view only. 
  • To request a personalized sign with entity logo, please complete form request. 
  • Logos must be in png or eps format.
  • Once completed, sign will be emailed to organization for printing and installation on their behalf.

Signage Request 

Please upload a png or eps file of your logo.